Our Fully qualified Body Piercer is in the studio 2 days a week, please call us on 0208 6911124 for details! We offer a professional Body piercing service , and are fully licensed by Lewisham Council, with the very highest hygiene, equipment and Jewellery standards.

Other useful things you may need to know:

  • You must be 18 years of age to have a piercing.
  • Appointments for piercings are not always needed, but please be patient during busy periods.
  • We offer Piercing/fitting/jewellery sales on FRIDAY AND SATURDAY.
  • Fitting of Jewellery is free AT THE TIME OF PURCHASE.
  • Strictly no refunds on jewellery, due to their intimate nature, so please check your item at the time of purchase.
  • Due to the Laws of Lewisham Borough, we can not offer a FEMALE genital piercing service.This is the same all through out the borough of LEWISHAM.

Piercing pricelist.

piercing pricelist